Gorgeous Fairy Girls Costumes

Bubba G (5.5) and Zooey (2.5) love to dress up.  They have two big Ikea storage tubs full of dress-ups (including some of my old clothes and shoes, and pieces of fabric so that they can create their own designs). Bubba G also loves to make clothes out of plastic bags and paper.

The girls have a lot of dress ups, however it is difficult to find good quality costumes at an affordable price, so I was delighted when I discovered Fairy Girls. I found a Fairy Girls fairy dress on sale for $25 when Bubba G had just turned 2. She has worn it regularly as a dress since I bought it, and it still fits her now that she is almost 6. Amazingly (for a favourite dress), it still looks pristine and does not have any stains on it.

I have ordered some Fairy Girls costumes from Discount Toys  for the girls for Christmas and they are gorgeous. I have also ordered a couple of other costumes for Christmas (because Bubba G asked Santa for a specific Princess costume) and I found myself wishing that Fairy Girls could expand their range further (so that I could feel confident about the quality of the costumes my daughters are receiving). Having said that, they do make gorgeous Wonder Woman and Super girl tutus.

A huge thank you to Fairy Girls for making a quality product at an affordable price. This little fairy costume has brought us all so much joy over the years.




Bubba G when she first received her Fairy Girls dress (age 2)


Bubba G in her Fairy Girls dress (when she was almost 5).

Bubba G in her Fairy Girls dress (when she was almost 5).