Loving Oobi and fond memories of childhood

On our first trip to Perth, I found the most divine little dresses made out of hand-printed apple and cherry fabric. This was my introduction to the gorgeousness of Oobi. I bought a couple of the dresses on sale (Bubba G is yet to grow into them) because they reminded me of my favourite dresses from toddlerhood. I spent a few years in Malaysia as a toddler and I had the most beautiful clothes. My absolute favourite was a white dress with strawberries on it and a bone coloured nightie with red dots on the sleeves. Mum loves telling the story of me ‘standing at the cupboard and demanding what I wanted to wear’ from the age of 15 months. I got really upset if I couldn’t wear my outfit of choice too! I remember wanting to wear that beautiful nightie with the red polka dot sleeves (and red is my favourite colour to this day).



This is me in Malaysia in my little strawberry dress (the strawberries have been cut out of this photo).

I recently bought Bubba G an Oobie wide brimmed hat. It was red with white dots (how could I resist)? Sadly it has been lost. However, thanks to Facebook, I found out about the Oobie outlet store in Zetland. I went there yesterday to buy Bubba G some new hats and I also found a gorgeous hooded coat, an umbrella (both of which Bubba G is currently obsessed with) and a lovely little kit to make necklaces. I resisted buying any more dresses because Bubba G has three cupboards full of delicious dresses and all she wants to wear is hoodies (maybe it’s karma)?

Here are some photos of Bubba G in her new Oobi kit….



Oobi hat



Oobi strawberry print hat. How could I resist?



Oobi hooded coat and umbrella



Oobi gorgeousness



Bubba G’s Oobi necklace (she chose the beads and I threaded them for her).


With love, light and appreciation