Scott Noelle and Path Parenting

We have recently returned home from the 2014 Conscious Parenting and Natural Learning Conference. We had a wonderful time learning from the fantastic speakers, spending time with family and connecting with the conscious parenting community in Beautiful Byron Bay.

Byron Bay lighthouse

Byron Bay lighthouse

Parenting author and coach, Scott Noelle flew to Australia from The States to speak at the conference and to present workshops around Australia. We had the privilege of hosting Scott for the weekend that he was in Sydney. We enjoyed connecting via heart-felt conversations about parenting and spirituality as we showed him our beautiful city.

Bubba G with Parenting author and coach Scott Noelle

Bubba G with Parenting author and coach Scott Noelle


PATH is an acronym for: Partnership, Authenticity, Trust, and Heart

Scott’s philosophy is brilliant for all relationships (not just for parent-child relationships). The word that really stayed with me throughout the conference was PARTNERSHIP. I spent the whole weekend thinking about how we could creatively work together as a family to meet everyone’s needs in various situations. Now our journey is to continue applying Scott’s principles throughout our lives….

Here is a snapshot of the PATH parenting principles:

Partnership is a pathway to power through connection.

Authenticity is a pathway to power through alignment.

Trust is a pathway to power through understanding.

Heart is a pathway to power through unconditional love.

You can click here to learn more about PATH Parenting.

Here is Scott’s bio from the conference website:

‘Scott Noelle believes that children are innately good and that responsive, natural, creative parenting is the best way to foster their goodness. This perspective is at the heart of The Daily Groove, Scott’s ongoing series of inspirational writings for parents. Over the past seven years, more than 20,000 families have benefitted from Scott’s practical parenting wisdom through the free Daily Groove mailing list.

Scott became a parent in 1997, and later that year he collaborated with Jean Liedloff, author of The Continuum Concept, to bring her continuum parenting principles to the internet. It was Jean’s insights into human nature — based on her experience of living in the Amazon jungle with a Stone Age tribe for two years — that most influenced Scott’s early parenting and led to his current career as a parenting coach and writer.

Parents who reject fear-based, coercive parenting methods often feel powerless as they lack effective alternatives. Scott helps such parents by teaching them four positive pathways to power — Partnership, Authenticity, Trust, and Heart — an approach he calls PATH Parenting.

Scott is also an advocate of homeschooling and self-directed, pleasure-driven, natural learning. He lives in Portland, USA, with his partner Beth Noelle and their two children, ages 12 and 16, who are learning all the time.

Visit to subscribe to The Daily Groove, and learn more about PATH Parenting here.

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